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BusHunter is a B2B online vehicle reservation platform. We provide a full service for booking buses and coaches for tourism, business or any other personalized purpose. To date, we have validated over 700 suppliers of high quality vehicles and confirmed on our platform as partners with various vehicle resources across Europe. We are committed to providing our customers with faster, more cost-effective, and more secure service using Artificial Intelligence and big data, as well as our industry expertise to rent a bus.

Rent a bus on BusHunter’s platform

Need to rent a bus for your groups in Europe? BusHunter brings you the best solutions.

We can provide ground transportation to all kinds of groups: tourism, business, religious groups, MICE, transfers, students, VIP, special occasions.

We have experience of passenger transportation for different nationalities and all over the world: Americans,Indians, Japanese, southeast asians, Europeans, ….processing around 25 000 requests per year.All kinds of vehicle types: from 8ss to Sprinter to 49ss standard coach to 82ss double decker, as you request.All service areas in Europe, very strong in multi-days’LDC western, central and Eastern Europe trips and Mono-France programs.

Coach tourism: greener, friendlier, more comfortable and safer

Greener tourism:

Buses and coaches are the cleanest and most carbon-efficient of all ground transportation modes. For each transported passenger over 100 kilometers, buses and coaches use half a liter of diesel fuel and emit half of the CO2 emitted by the trains.

In most European countries, around 10% of buses and coaches fleets are renewed each year, incorporating the latest technologies making them always cleaner and more efficient. Coach operators companies are also happy to send their drivers to “fuel economy” seminars and eco-driving courses to further improve their environmental performance.

Rent a bus for responsible tourism

In fact, thanks to the huge investments of this industry in new technologies, pollutants, dangerous to the health of European citizens, have been reduced by more than 95%!

Traveling by bus or coach has truly become a civic gesture which contributes, at its level, to protect the planet.

A more convivial tourism and source of social cohesion:

The transportation by bus or minibus of a team, company department or a group of tourists, creates or strengthens links and contributes greatly to improve the general atmosphere.

Rent a bus for conviviality

Buses and coaches provide affordable, reliable and flexible transportation services for all. They are a factor of social cohesion. For certain people or categories of people, such as students, the elderly, people with disabilities or people with low incomes, transportation by bus and coach is a means of accessing services (care, education) or entertainment ( sport, leisure, tourism) at a lower cost. Indeed, cost / passenger ratio is by far the lowest than all other means of transportation, especially for journeys between 400 and 1,200 kilometers.

More comfortable and safer journeys:

Buses and coaches transport passengers in a maximum safety conditions. We also note that they contribute to the general reduction in road and motorway traffic, thus reducing the number of accidents. They are particularly appreciated for trips to seminars. In addition to group cohesion, bus transport allows a group to arrive at the destination point together and often makes it possible to be on time for a planned activity. They are also very reassuring after going out to a restaurant where you do not have the problem of coming back with a significant level of fatigue or a blood alcohol level perhaps higher than what is authorized.

Rent a bus comfortable and secure

All of these public transit trips are not only very convenient, but they are done in ideal conditions. Indeed, vehicles are no just much less noisy today but are above all very well equipped. We now find WiFi, fridges, sockets, televisions etc …

So yes, when you rent a bus to travel with a group, you have enormous advantages compared to other means of ground transportation.

Why rent a bus with BusHunter?

BusHunter is a bus and coach rental service for tourism, business or any other customized requests. We are committed to offering our services for secure, profitable group transport. Our daily obsession: finding the best solution for you and achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

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